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Dell Lattitude C600 850MHZ

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The name of this Dell laptop--Latitude C600. Equipped with a 850 Mhz Pentium III processor, which uses SpeedStep technology. This means the C600 can switch between battery-optimized mode or maximum-performance mode. The 14.1" display is crisp and bright. It also has 256MB of memory, a 10G hard drive. It will handle most of your computing needs including internet, email, word processing, graphics, or gaming. This laptop originally sold for more than $3000 when it was brand new. Specifications: MODEL NO C800, CPU TYPE Intel Pentium III 850 mHz w/ Speedstep, MEMORY INSTALLED 256MB (Maximum 512MB), HARD DRIVE 10GB, DISPLAY 14.1" TFT Bright Active Matrix , CD-ROM Drive, FLOPPY 1.44MB 3.5" Floppy, MODEM 56K V.90 Modem, NETWORK 10/100 LAN, VIDEO CHIPSET 2X AGP ATI Mobility M3 Video Accelerator w/ 16MB, PRINTER PORT (1) IEEE 1284 Compliant - connect to printers, scanners, MP3 players, UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS (USB) (1) USB - connect to digital cameras, printers, scanners, INFRARED PORT (1) IR - convenient for wireless printing, SERIAL PORT (1) 9 pin - sync up with Palm pilots, PS2 MOUSE PORT (1) - hook up an external mouse, PCMCIA SLOTS (2) Type I, Type II, or 32-bit cardbus, AUDIO CHIPSET ESS Maestro 3I Sound System, SPEAKERS Internal stereo speakers, AUDIO INPUTS/OUTPUTS Stereo Line In, Out, Headphone, EXTERNAL VIDEO PORT (1) SVGA - connect to any desktop monitor or projector, OTHER I/O PORTS (1) S-Video Out (Connect to TVs or VCR's for presentations), Docking Port, AC ADAPTER, BATTERY (1) Lithium Battery OPERATING SYSTEM-Comes with Windows XP.

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